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Dear Oscar,

While hunting a mock scrape scented with "Cronk's Buck Joy" I took the best Buck of my life.  It works great!  THANKS a Bunch.

Mark Stegall
Roanoke, VA.
Sunset Ridge Outfitters
Pictured with Ben Pinkham, Master Guide

Dear Oscar,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the fine products that you make and the helpful advice you provide with them.

I have been using your products religiously for the past five years and can honestly say without a doubt, they all work for their intended uses.

Since I started using your products to mask my own scent while hunting deer, I noticed instant results. The use of Cronk's odorless soap, odorless gun oil and spruce cover scent have allowed me to get closer to deer undetected, even when the wind conditions are against me.

During bow season, I hunt from the ground a lot. Putting Cronk's Buck Rouser scent on a scent wick and hanging it on a tree six feet from the ground where I stand, works wonders. Many deer have come within 10 to 15 yards and never spooked. They were alert and looking directly at me. I could see their nostrils flexing, but they were never alarmed enough to take off before a clear shot could have been made. This past season I had a chance to see your product work at its best.

I was able to hunt more during the rut this season than in the past. Using Cronk's Bucks Joy I placed a liberal amount on a scent wick. Once again, I placed the wick about six feet above the ground on a limb about 25 feet from the tree I stand in. A strong westward wind was in my face, and behind me, a ridge that had rub and scrape lines on the top and at the base. My plan was that hopefully any deer behind me would cut that scent trail and come to me. About an hour after placing the Bucks Joy scent into place, a buck came trotting in from behind me. The buck walked right under the scent wick and went about 15 feet beyond it and finally stopped.

The buck turned out to be a beautiful heavy mass, 194 pound, eight pointer.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I never would have seen this deer if not for Cronks Bucks Joy. Thanks again for your fine products.


Ted L. Christie
Westport Island, Maine


Dear Cronks,

While hunting the second week of the season, I located a large scrape line with lots of sign. I sat the scrapes that evening but with no luck. The following week I picked up a bottle of Cronks' Buck Joy and went back in to the area.
It had just snowed, so I made a scrape under an apple tree where there use to be a scrape and applied Cronks' Buck Joy. The wind was blowing in all directions. About half and hour later I heard a noise behind me, and turned to see an eight point buck with its neck stretched out and nostrils flared. There is no doubt in my mind that Cronks Buck Joy brought the buck to my stand. A left handed shot at 25 yards ended my season thanks to Cronks Buck Joy.

Blaine Bronson
Weeks Mills, Maine

Dear Cronks,

Hunting Hats off to you people!

Just a note of praise to you for all your hard work.  Your buck lure, particularly "Master Dear." My "other half" came in last late afternoon, stuck his head in the door excitedly said "I don't know if it's 11 or 12 points but it's BIG!" WOW you guys deserve praise as will my "marksman", he faithfully went up back and put buck lure on his buck rags, he has sat patiently for two weeks having faith in your lure.

Not only have you filled our home with pumped up joy but also our freezer with meat!  I'll have to dig out my "365 ways to cook hamburger" cookbook!

Again, thanks for such a great product, we appreciate you!

Debby Morrill and Dan Bennett