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Cronk's Famous Dog Training & Breaking Scents

I have owned bobcat and raccoon hounds since 1952. I have been making dog training and breaking scents since 1962. There is a lot of history behind Cronk's Dog Training and Breaking Scents. I had one of the best teachers, the legendary mountain man, Walter Arnold. Walter was one of the pioneers in manufacturing dog breaking and training scents.

Cronk's Dog Training Scents

Cronk's Dog Training Scents.

4 - ounce bottle $10.95

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8 - ounce bottle $17.95
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16 - ounce bottle $27.95
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Made from natural glands and secretions. Cronk's Dog Training Scents provides you with the true odor of the animal you want your dog to trail. Lay a game trail and teach your dog to follow it. A great way to get your dog stated. Free instruction sheet included. Cronk's Dog Training Scents are available to teach your dog to run the following animals: Raccoon, Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Red Fox, Rabbit, Coyote, Deer, Grey fox, Wild Boar and Squirrel.


Cronk's Dog Breaking Scents


8 ounce bottle - $17.95
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16 ounce bottle - $27.95
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Cronk's Dog Breaking Scents are extremely strong and have been used to break some very headstrong dogs. The biggest mistake made by houndsmen when using breaking scent is not using enough. The object is to make the dog sick of the odor he persists in following. This of this when ordering. NOTE: a dog that has run off-game twice or more will need a 16 ounce size.

Cronk's Dog Breaking Scents are available for the following: Deer, Red fox, Rabbit, Coyote, Bobcat, Grey Fox, Squirrel, Bear and Wild Boar.