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Cronk's Cover Scents

Our cover scents are 100% natural and scientifically compounded from the natural oils of trees, plants and vegetation. These components are infused into our special odor-holding base. Successful deer hunters use cover scents to help mask human odor. When hunters used cover scents along with attractor lures their percentage of seeing deer triples.

Cronk's Earthy Aroma

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95

Cronk's Earthy Aroma smells like fresh dirt. When a buck makes a scrape the odor of fresh dirt is picked up by the air currents. Many times the dominant buck comes to investigate to see what intruder is in his domain. Dirt is everywhere, farmlands, woods, fields, ridges and swamps. The best on the market.

Cronk's Apple-Musk Deer Lure

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95

Cronk's Apple-Musk, the fragrant aroma of apple scientifically blended with pure deer musk is a favorite of many deer hunters. This well-balanced combination takes advantage of the deer's natural instinct to search out food. Deer musk allays the fear of anything being out of place. This lure has a dual purpose - it attracts deer and overcomes human odor. It will work in an area without apple trees. An all season lure for the most discriminating hunter. Has a shelf life of three years. Free instructions on each bottle.

Cronk's Pine Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Pine Cover Scent

Pine trees are found in most deer habitat. We have infused the pure pine oil into our special base to make Cronk's Pine Cover Scent. It will truly do the job of overcoming human odor.

Cronk's Balsam-Fir Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Balsam-Fir Cover Scent

Cronk's Balsam-fir Cover Scent is one of the most natural cover scents. Throughout American this tree abounds in most deer habitat. The pure oil has been extracted at the right season and scientifically blended into a special base to hold the odor of the balsam tree.

Cronk's Hemlock Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Hemlock Cover Scent

The strong aromatic odor of fresh hemlock fills the air when the cap is removed from a bottle of Cronk's Hemlock Cover Scent. Use in areas that harbor these types of evergreens. 

Cronk's Cedar Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Cedar Cover Scent

The strong odor of fresh cedar fills the air when the cap is removed from a bottle of Cronk's Cedar Cover Scent. Use this powerful scent in low land areas where this evergreen grows. 

Cronk's Spruce Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Spruce Cover Scent

A powerful aromatic smell that blends your clothing and person into the surrounding spruce thatched cover. Deer are used to this familiar odor. Use it and hunt with confidence. 

Cronk's Acorn Cover Scent

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95

The natural acorn essence infused into a special base to bring out the true acorn odor. Use for a natural cover scent in acorn habitat. 

Cronk's Fox Odor Mask

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Fox Odor Mask

Hunters are finding the odor of fox urine is a valuable aid in getting close to deer, bear, moose and other wild game. Wildlife photographers use this cover scent for close ups. Our urine is collected from meat fed animals and has an extremely strong, musky odor. Overcomes human odor.

Cronk's Raccoon Tree Mask

1 1/4 ounces - $8.95
Raccoon Tree Mask

Use Cronk's Raccoon Tree Mask on trail scent pads to leave a raccoon scent trail going to your tree stand. When in your stand, apply a squirt below and one above. Raccoons are tree animals, making Cronk's Raccoon Tree Mask a natural cover scent for all types of deer hunting.

Dave's Pop up Scent Canisters

Package of 3 different colors - $10.95
Pop up Scent Canisters

Don't waste your favorite lure or cover scent. Saturate the wick on the first day of hunting and then apply a few drops before each hunt. When the cover is opened the wick pops up. A set of three different colors make excellent yardage indicators. After dusk the colored canisters are easy to find. Simply change wicks when using a different lure. Canisters may be hung from a tree branch by the hook or stuck into the ground by the pointed pin.

A deer's nose is his best defense. Fool his nose and success is guaranteed.