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Cronk's Bear Hunting Products

Whether you're hunting or trapping to harvest a wily bruin we have the products to make your trip a success. Our bear hunting products have been field tested with outstanding success. Used successfully for over 20 years by hunters, trappers and game biologists across North America.

Cronk's Super Long Distance Bear Chunk Bait

6 ounce jar - $10.95

Small pieces of bait properly aged, preserved and blended with several other bear calling ingredients make Cronk's Super Long Distance Bear Chunk Bait extremely attractive to all members of the bear family. Biologists across the country have used this super bait successfully in their bear tagging programs. Put the contents of a jar in a perforated plastic container and hang several feet off the ground. Bear will climb the tree to reach and eat these tasty morsels. Used by guides, outfitters and professional bear hunters across America.

Cronk's Long Distance Bear Lure

1 ounce bottle - $7.95 

Cronk's Long Distance Bear Lure is an all liquid lure that is not only attractive to bear but has long range calling power. Place several drops on a woolen cloth or cotton balls and watch the results. Used successfully by guides, outfitters and bear hunters and trappers throughout North America.

Oil Of Anise (usp)

1 ounce bottle - $6.95

Our oil of anise is pure and uncut. An excellent scent for luring bears. A good grade of oil of anise congeals in cold weather. Ours will do this.

Anise Oil Paste

1 ounce jar - $8.95

Anise Oil Paste

4 ounce jar - $31.95

Formulated for bear hunters and trappers. Our Anise Oil Paste has pure oil of anise infused into a special base. Smear on sticks, trees and stumps. Will withstand heat, rain and snow and still give a strong odor.